Mayor Nina Jonas

Mayor Nina Jonas

Welcome to yesteryear. Please join us Labor Day weekend as Ketchum celebrates the days before railroads or automobiles reached the town with its 60th year celebration of Wagon Days.
Come to Main Street and watch the largest, non-motorized parade in the Pacific Northwest. Basque dancers, marching bands and western cowboys travel by horse, mule or foot – anything goes as long as there is no motor. Children’s activities take place all day on Saturday and a free, family-friendly concert follows the parade.
Enjoy a pancake breakfast in Town Square, a bareback riding demonstration, an arts and crafts festival and antique fair, and listen to cowboy poets and meandering musicians wandering our streets. Shop at our boutiques and art galleries. Go for a walk or a bike ride in the Idaho fall.
Whatever you do, you’ll have a chance to experience Idaho history and a wonderful weekend. Please join us.

Mayor of Ketchum Nina  Jonas

 Dr. Steven Pauley 

Dr. Steven Pauley 

Dr. Steven Pauley Named Grand Marshal of 2017 Wagon Days Parade

KETCHUM, IDAHO – Mayor Nina Jonas has named Dr. Steven Pauley the 2017 Wagon Days Grand Marshal.

Pauley, a retired physician who has lived in Ketchum for more than 25 years, has been a motivating force in the city’s efforts to preserve its dark skies and the nighttime view residents and visitors have of the stars and planets. 

For decades, he has worked to convince leaders in Ketchum, Sun Valley, Hailey and Blaine County to adopt ordinances aimed at reducing light pollution and take other steps to protect the region’s dark skies. 

He has also been instrumental in the City of Ketchum’s efforts towards becoming an “International Dark Sky Community” and he’s been active in the proposal to create the Central Idaho International Dark Sky Reserve. 

Ketchum Mayor Nina Jonas said the decision to name Pauley Grand Marshal is also appropriate considering the timing of the Total Solar Eclipse, scheduled for the morning of Aug. 21. 

“When I think of the people here in Ketchum who work hard to protect and improve our quality of life, Steven Pauley always jumps to the top of that list,” said Mayor Jonas. “The next time you’re out walking at night and have a chance to marvel at the great view of the cosmos, take a second to thank Dr. Pauley.

Pauley said he is honored to be chosen as Grand Marshal for the 60th Annual Wagon Days. The weekend-long festival that celebrates the city’s history will feature live music, The Big Hitch Parade and other family activities.

“It’s a great honor for me,” Pauley said. “There are so many other worthy souls out there. But I think with the upcoming total solar eclipse and the excitement around the dark skies efforts, it all fit. I’m really honored to do this and very appreciative of the recognition.”

Wagon Days 2017 gets underway Friday, Sept. 1, with the traditional reading of cowboy poetry at the Ore Wagon Museum. The centerpiece event is the Big Hitch Parade, the biggest, non-motorized parade in the Pacific Northwest featuring more than 100 museum-quality buggies, carriages, carts, stage coaches and wagons.

The 2017 Wagon Days poster, designed by Travis Amick, is a photograph of a line of Lewis Ore Wagons under a night sky dotted with stars. 

 Travis Amick

Travis Amick

Stars Align for Ketchum Photographer’s Winning Wagon Days Image

When Travis Amick took photographs of the wagons lined up outside of the Ore Wagon Museum in August of 2016, he knew he was looking at something special. What he didn’t know, however, was that the pictures he was about to take would become an iconic image for the 60th anniversary of Ketchum’s Wagon Days one year later.

This year’s Wagon Days events, taking place over Labor Day weekend, are particularly noteworthy. They come less than two weeks after the Great American Eclipse crosses directly over the City of Ketchum. Additionally, Ketchum is in the process of applying to be designated a “Dark Sky Community” and 2017 Wagon Days Grand Marshal Dr. Stephen Pauley has been instrumental in working to create the Central Idaho Dark Skies Reserve.

“Travis’s photograph was compelling because it brought so many elements of our 2017 Wagon Days celebration together, all in one gorgeously composed image,” said Ketchum Mayor Nina Jonas. “It grounds us in our history while also pulling us into the natural beauty that surrounds our community.”

Amick, 28, grew up in Ketchum and attended Wood River High School. He then enrolled in Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he studied history and political science. His desire to travel took him to Brazil, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona, where he further developed and refined an interest in photography.

“It’s just an honor for me,” said Amick about having his work chosen. “I didn’t even know there was a competition for art for the Wagon Days poster. I was just doing what I enjoy and trying different things, and it just worked out.”

Amick worked for several days to create the shot he wanted. Light from nearby streetlamps blocked out the Milky Way in the sky, as did clouds in the area. “I took two images,” Amick notes, “one of the sky and the other of the wagons, and then blended those together to compensate for the lighting.”

   2017 Wagon Days Poster       Official Wagon Days Poster is on Sale at Ore Wagon Museum daily from 10 a.m - 6 p.m.      Signed poster is $30.00      (Unsigned $25.00)      

2017 Wagon Days Poster

Official Wagon Days Poster is on Sale at Ore Wagon Museum daily from 10 a.m - 6 p.m.

Signed poster is $30.00  (Unsigned $25.00)